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My paintings are a collection of whimsy and colour, intended to bring the viewer into the imaginative space to explore. Whether it be the rolling hills of Tuscany or a forest of bluebells, there are many opportunities to bring a naive and joyful smile in appreciation of the beauty of nature. The harmony of colour, whether the palette be limited or all-encompassing, is Anvil's way of celebrating what colour can do in aide to the sublime.


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I love creativity. Having been in the creative industry for over a decade, I've picked up a few things here and there, and have explored a variety of outlets for the pursuit of that creativity. There are paintings of whimsy, prints of simplicity, and illustrations of naivety, have a browse around for what may interest you. Keep up to date with the latest offering of work through facebook or instagram, all of my new work gets posted there.


There's also a separate blog, read it for tips and advice on being creative and surviving the advertising industry, plus a few hard-learned tricks for the creative programs. If you are at all interested in some of my work, please contact me!


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